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This system allows  administrators and/or users to

  • Determine access privileges 
  • Create departments 
  • Add and subtract individuals and users 
  • Assign training requirements and ratings 
  • Generate off the shelf and easily created custom reports 
  • Data retrieval of records that meet particular criteria 
  • Update records 
  • And more, this is custom web software designed specifically for  your needs

This database application  tracks and includes

  • Prerequisite courses 
  • Required courses 
  • Due dates 
  • Areas of qualification 
  • Ratings 
  • All the standard features of Comparatio's Corrective Action  System


  • Save hours of tedious work- Manage employee and departmental
    training requirements, ratings, accomplishments and experience
    quickly and easily via the internet or intranet. 
  • Fast learning curve- Users are already familiar with the
    browsers used 
  • Less paperwork- Automatic email reminders for both employees
    and  Supervisors 
  • Secure- The administrator easily determines all privileges
    and access 
  • Informative—Databases can be merged for cross-reference 
  • Versatile—Custom designed to meet your needs

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