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  • Support for Activant Prophet21 (legacy and current), SAP, Acclaim, Faspac, Stanpak, Qantel, MySQL, MS SQL, Lotus Notes, and other software
  • Export to Access, MS Excel, PDF and many others
  • High performance data retrieval
  • Combination of multiple and different data sources
  • Virtually no limit for linking existing data together
  • Data Warehouse queries will not effect or slow down main systems
  • Access rights per report and data record


  • Create and generate complex ABC and balanced scorecards etc.,
    in just a few minutes
  • Minimize manual labor when creating and generating reports
  • Set up standard reports that allow variations instead of recreating
    every time you need information
  • Generate off the shelf and easily configured custom reports
  • Save time and resources with dynamic linking of databases
  • The Administrator easily determines all privileges and access
    based on reports and/or per record
  • Databases can be integrated for easy cross-reference
  • This is custom software designed software to meet your needs
  • Unlimited number of users with no additional fees
  • Access information from multiple and merged databases -
    Multiple database integration
  • Access and manipulate data onsite and offsite

Technical Requirements

  • Any PC or Mac with internet capabilities
  • Internet Access
  • Internet browser installed on local machine: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Hosted off-site or in-house

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