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  • Our solution offers customized Pick Ticket printing according to your business requirements
  • We can filter for your production facility by P/N, Class Code, or whatever works best
  • The software will automatically monitor, create, and print pick tickets or labels from P21
  • Print to any printer on your network - Even auxiliary trays with special paper!
  • The client monitors P21 activity and prints as required without intervention on your part
  • You choose the content on the Pick Ticket or label



The proposed system is based on our existing Comparatio framework for interfaces and Web applications. The footprint is small and no hardware purchases are required. There are no additional per-customer, per-user, or license fees. Files are installed on your existing Windows server. We will setup and test everything for you so it is ready-to-go.

Technical Requirements

  • Any PC or Mac with internet capabilities
  • Internet Access
  • Internet browser installed on local machine: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • Hosted off-site or in-house

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