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Comparatio and Microsoft Access

People are familiar with Microsoft Access database program which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Access can be used to create simple databases without the need for sophisticated programming. Although Access can meet many needs, it may be inadequate where web data entry requirements and accessing or updating the database via the Internet is required. Email exchange or web posting of Excel spreadsheets is usually not a long-term solution.

Access works well on a local machine, but can be difficult for groups to use collaboratively when users are scattered geographically. Users will sometimes email Access databases or worse, try to update tables via FTP. Sharing Access databases on a shared network drive can be problematic too. Another alternative is using applications like Lotus Notes and take advantage of the built-in database capabilities. Using Lotus Notes often requires a developer or someone extremely skilled at developing databases. There can be issues with replicating data to all users and as databases grow, so do problems with replication. Lotus Notes can be slow for remote users too. Another big issue is ease of use. Remote users are leery of intermediate login steps (terminal service software) to get to an application. For example, salespeople need quick access to a tool such as CRM to make it useful. If applications are cumbersome or slow; people will find other alternatives or avoid using the application.

A simple, reliable, secure, and inexpensive way to allow organizations to share information over the Internet is a common requirement. Whether the application is for internal use or a custom solution for web-based order entry, solutions should be intuitive and easy-to-use.

The applications have the characteristics of a Windows program but run in a browser like Explorer or Firefox. The framework allows for sophisticated, custom applications to run in a virtual machine on a user’s desktop without costly application software. Software changes are easily implemented without the need to touch client machines.

This technology for web-based applications works extremely well for fast and secure access to databases over the Internet.

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