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Founded in May 2005, Comparatio developers draw from 85 years of prior industry experience to provide cutting-edge Web applications. Most of us have developed software since we could hit the “Enter” key on a computer. Connecting existing applications and databases to provide comprehensive functionality for small companies and large corporations is what makes us tick. We believe in being hands-on and fully engaged when implementing our customized business software solutions.

Just the right size to provide individual, fast and reliable customer service, Comparatio also has the depth of experience and knowledge to tackle any challenge.

Our clients include industrial suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, healthcare, government entities, and not-for-profit foundations, as well as other local, national and international businesses.

Samples of some of our software include:

* Online Insurance Application * Data Warehouse * Fleet Mgmt * Contract Mgmt Reporting * Class Scheduling * Asset Mgmt * Inventory Mgmt * Community Development * DUI Online Registration * Web Application Database and Design * Online Work Order System * Integrated Information Mgmt * Tourism Database and Website * Constituent Mgmt * Data conversion * Permit tracking * Recovery Audit Tracking * Learning Mgmt * Student Health Service * Customer Info * Preventive Maintenance * Recreation Management * Pension system * Health Access Survey Reporting Tool * Facility Maintenance * Document Mgmt * Applicant Tracking System * Online Time Clock * Housing Mgmt*
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni

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